Drowned by Dawn (part 1)

I feel very excited about working on my first project in the office. You could say this is something I’ve been looking for this, yes! energy and determination such as a multivitamin that I feel lately. 172 pages of documents must I fill out to support this project. Actually, what the purpose of this article? This is actually a continuation of a previous article in the rubric of life. I will not be able to survive in this field, if this work could not be completed within stipulated. Tuesdays ago I started doing it at home and finish at 10 pm. And strangely I have never complained about this job though, very strange I think. That’s what happens if the strong will be in one dimension with determination and purpose. BUT AS SOON AS THE STORY IS NOT OVER. Eleven o’clock a sudden I can e-mail coming from the tester error, that there is more than half of the beam (damn). Yes you right half of the sheet 172, there was a sequence overlap and guess what should I do? I have to evaluate it from the first page, though only partially rumpled. Looking at the night time I had to rush to finish this, only accompanied by a glass of fresh tea.

And suddenly I was awakened by the call to prayer (dawn), it is difficult to explain what happened before I fall asleep. Will continue in the next article, about what happened before …


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