The Hunting Party (continued)

I never recognize myself as good as today. A surprise, do a boring habits have helped me get new doors to the future direction. So I can say, to get good results it requires sincerity to accept all the trials that are in front of us. And I never regret to get this far. But now with a new challenge, would be a little difficult for pride. My manager at work gave special attention to the development of my career. He said, it is important to know the limits of the ability of employees without reducing the confidence that is in the heart.

The rule is

Should come at least one hour before office hours. Which means time management at home is key in this business, because I stayed up late almost every day. But it still can be helped with an alarm that every day I turn it on.

And a little scary to me is the second rule. Every job I take over, should be completed a week before the deadline. Become more creepy after a senior official told me, that no single employee in this office ever achieve. It’s really crazy especially I just received a few months of work.

I found myself in a very difficult situation, especially the statement my friend made ​​me a bit pessimistic. I said to myself, maybe this is just my imagination. At least it can calm me and make me ready to deal with it.


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