From the past

What would you do if it is your first love are blood sisters. That is the background of the days that I live for this. Somehow I feel she knows that I love her. Years ago when I met her accidentally Our eyes met at the same point, it felt like we were stealing stuff and instantly caught. A few years before the incident, she protested to me “why when I approach you, you always avoid?” I really want to explain this to her, but it’s not possible. Since then she never approached me again though just to say hello. It was very painful. I do not know what should I do to explain this problem to her. Then I decided to never see her again. Then I changed the rules be allowed to see her but you can not say anything.
Yesterday she returned to my village, and I really want to talk to her and explain the real problem. But I did not do it after I know she will be getting married later this year (damn). Especially when met yesterday, he apparently does not care anymore to me (like a stranger in front of me). My imagination immediately described it as a cactus in the desert. But while writing this I realized that I did have to do this, let go with someone else. Because even though we love each other, will never be united.


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