Have you ever felt uncomfortable with your evening. Including all kinds of distractions that only appears when you are going to sleep and this problem never comes at another time. Let me tell you guys, this is very annoying! This happened the last few nights. This was insane. Quickly I started wearing thick clothes and jackets, like in the winter in Moscow. Usually I did sleep until late at night but only this time my nose every night problematic. I hate it, all the fun things that usually feels very nice so it feels boring and want a quick fast asleep. It’s really very unwell. I hate this. I hate. Throat as if to almost break up because of production fluids are depleted. As if my throat started burning and creeping things appear in it and forced me to continue to eat anything until I feel sleepy.

My body says, I need a break now and do not be postponed again. And maybe I need a longer break. I should try to sleep early start tomorrow night. Because I do not want this to happen again.


2 thoughts on “Sneezing and can not Sleep

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