Bad things to good people

Being a good person these days is never easy. When a student is good in class has always been the target of insults another friend, that’s just one example. Malcolm X who have found truth in the light of Islam died very tragically, the truth is always opposed in this world. Each person is born to be a good person, but the test is whether we are still good when the situation has begun to deteriorate and force us to cheat life and God.

I and all the bad things

It should be a family event fun thing, but it was never like I felt. Every year I always have a big family event, but somehow I was never comfortable when being there and even though I just keep coming silent.
I always try to answer all the things that they ask the friendly, but in the end I always feel embarrassed in front of many people and all felt it was just a comedy without regard to how each person has a different taste. Each member of the family to show off the progress they earn after migrated to the big city and proudly show off now. Then what am I feeling? I’m sick and I hate them but instead jealous. My girlfriend once asked “why did you just keep it alone”, I just answered with a brief “because I’ve never hurt another person even though I hate it”.
When attending a recitation of a clergy once said, that a person who either never complained about his predicament to his loved ones, his idealism never fade, never looking for a reason, never look for scapegoats and never forget to pray to God (compulsory ).
So remember, at that time there was a wonderful event. Street children selling newspaper refused to be adopted brother, he said as what is said by people in the Recitation earlier. So I vowed to always survive in any difficult situation without the word “if” and remove it from my vocabulary.

Remember us, there would be no such thing as religion if the Prophet had cowardice, wishy washy, sycophants, cowards, and so on.


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