Friends and all (profits)

2 days ago I started a new friendship, where I usually become more passive party. But now I started the conversation, though not directly. Through a social app on my phone precisely, initially just for introducing my new business. She is a person with a similar background to me. Equally creative work in the world she is a web design and I am a web developer. Initially I thought the world would treat a person who had a common interest in a ratio of 1-to-7 meeting (in theory everyone has 7 twin brother on the planet). Initially just simply talk about our daily lives outside of work. But when the conversation has entered about your job, I feel God has connected me with the working relationship even though I have not prayed for it.

She was a woman seen from the way she writes and compose each sentence is a professional in the field that she held. She also showed great works to me about the thousands of web design which has been made ​​for her client, remember thousands of fantastic work. She said more than half of her clients came from friends in social media on the internet. The initial goal was to add to the relationship, but when she posted her work began many new friends who show up and ask for confirmation. Of thousands had even come from the holders of important positions in a company and that would be to have a large advertising billboards in strategic places without paying the cost of advertising.

From it I started to learn to take advantage of all the technological advances that will make me expand working relationship. So if all of these advantages can be achieved? course can be started from just acquainted with people who had nothing in common with us, then let it all flow would undoubtedly all be fine. In addition, she also keeps me motivated to be more creative, more careful, more disciplined and more confident that through an introduction of our fortune will be greater than ever. So have you got a new friend today?


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