Second Chance Pt 1

Every human being must have a dream, but what matters is not how big / tall / distant dream but how much effort to achieve it.

Occasionally occurred in the life of a silly question, why we are born into a human and an additional question arises why here, why stupid, why handicap, why poor but when finished worshiping the new consciousness that arises in every human heart there to complement each other.

There was a great event and it concerns the person’s self esteem and what we do is judge it without knowing the reason in his heart, then there is a good statement of my friends actually only God should judge people because He is The director.
But this story is not over, people in this despicable even say something that makes me thrilled she says every man is master of his own mind.


2 thoughts on “Second Chance Pt 1

  1. The second chance means a value that we find in life sometimes appears unexpectedly when we feel our actions are correct or most appropriate, and a wisdom sometimes emerges from the mud even though it was a slob. So the point is not who the subject but what predicate and object, not what brand but the quality is and how it can be known only through the thoughts of a clean soul.

  2. second chance in my opinion is when there is a good thing that happened to us and it reminds us of the same thing that we did but the opposite result. Suppose that our actions are good but bad result but in other cases the result to be very positive.

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