Senseless – English translation (ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION)

My senses are dancing around in a concrete interval
Like the white flower pedals that have been shed
They lose color and just turn black

The upper surface of the world is crawling along over liquid crystal
At the speed of sound I’ve becomes drunk with letters
I sober up and turn to ice
As I flush my system

The words being expressed on the other side of the screen
Will finally swallow up my heart

Seemingly senseless
I can’t even feel the temperature

The gray sky is dyed like in a dream
The gaudy red and green neon signs
This twisted illusion will disappear once day comes on
Leaving only traces in our hearts

Melting in the crowd that comes and goes
Everyday, both today and tomorrow
The self-consciousness which has been twisted into senelessness and the brand name bag
Are now impure and have commingled into a modern standard

But despite that my thoughts are still connected

Throughout the world sadness has been hidden
I am always
Beckoning to you
Because I’m softly singing my thoughts here
I won’t erase you

Shine a light into the darkness
Shine a light into the depths of my heart


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