Just Yesterday

Just yesterday I felt to be the most ignorant person in the universe , after today I started thinking about all the bad things in the past . I was too focused on my shortcomings that actually make it less self -confidence. Why I am not handsome # maybe God knows if my handsome then I will humiliate another person , Why I am not rich # maybe if I would show off a rich and stingy to divide the poor , why I was not too high # maybe if my body is quite high then I ‘ll make fun of people who are shorter , Why am i not disproportionately # maybe if my body is perfect I would be very arrogant to others about the physical . Another is the dumbest thing I really want the latest touch screen phone when my old phone is still good for continued use and I bought it with the full period of struggle when my school first. Then I realized when my lecturer gadget maniac it was still using his worn handset output early millennium and I was ashamed of my ambitions are .

So why think too much about something that tidsak we have, the better to focus on what we have, I quote this from my friend at the gym .


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