“Believe pornography is a disaster that we, the American people face difficulties. Our country can prepare for war, weapons, and soldiers. Our country is also able to find cutting-edge medicine to cure various diseases of modern. But for pornography … believe me …. at first we were not prepared and did not know how what to do to fight it. We are confused! ”

Dr. Randall F. Hyde, Ph.D

Damage that can be caused pornography to addicts of psychiatric side can not be separated from the operation of four types of the body’s hormones , namely dopamine , neuroepinefrin , serotonin , and oxytocin .

a. dopamine
Dopamine works to cause a sensation of satisfied , happy , relieved , happy in the chest . However , dopamine also work demands increase the enjoyment level .

Example in the case of pornography , for example, the first time a teenager was happy to see image exciting , next will demand an increase in dopamine contentment . Teens had a keen sense of repeat and add , replace images and sound , voice and motion pictures continue , again … again … and again . Like people playing the game , he would be satisfied if it managed to rise to the level of play berikutny .

b . hormones Neuroepinefrin
Epinephrine hormone actually works for sparking creative ideas . Suppose a true businessman , his brain is filled with opportunities and advantages that name .

Looking at an event , he will think about the business opportunities that could be used as the field of money or new business sources . His instincts sharp in business !

Unfortunately , if this hormone is controlled by the destructive nature of pornography , pornography addicts brain will always be filled with the name of pornography and sexuality .
When he saw the picture a little stimulating , the brain will think ” creatively ” to apply to deviate .

If there are women who wear an open shirt , maybe just a normal person would say ” She’s really tempting ” . But for people who are addicted to pornography , will think , ” How ya feel like committing adultery with her ​​… ”
That’s what people felt was dealing with pornography . Soul and his mind starts to break down !

As a result , the pornography addict can not think straight , lazy to study / learn , and too lazy to think creatively . It was because his brain was filled with a list of vocabulary or events that could brain is always continuous with the name of sex .

This is the hormone that has been directed by neuroepinefrin pornography .

c . hormone Serotonin
Serotonin works to bring a sense of comfort and calm . For example someone who is happy to see the sights , when he upset his heart would go out to see him so serene landscapes .

That’s the job of the effects of serotonin , which makes a person feel comfortable when hormones were out .

When a person whose name is in contact with pornography , hormones and even then exit . In effect, each person ‘s pornographer was embarrassed , sad , depressed , or stressed, she would run to pornography ! Because that’s what makes it peaceful .

d . hormone Oxytocin
Oxytocin is often known as the ” love hormone ” because this hormone is closely linked to the relationship of husband and wife love , fertility , contractions during labor and birth , and the release of milk during nursing . These same hormones helps us feel good , and it triggers feelings and behaviors to maintain .

That system works okitosin the hormone that can create a bond between the deep and psychiatric mother and her child . However, what if the bonding that happens with pornography ? ! !
Pornography that makes the hormone oxytocin worked continuously during the person’s access to pornography . As a result , the addict become inwardly bound with pornography ! God forbid .

This is what gave rise to a sense of ” need and addiction ” . People who are addicted to pornography has a sense of need , opium , uncomfortable , if not look at pornography for several days .

Mentally , the following examples of the behavior exhibited by victims of pornography addiction .
1 ) . Formed the nature of sexually abusive towards women is increasing .
2 ) . Start underestimate rape as a crime or are no longer regard it as a crime .
3 ) . Formed a distorted perception of the s3ks .
4 ) . Comes a great desire for the type of pornography that is more deviant , bizarre , or cruel ( normal s3ks no longer perceived unsatisfactory ) .
5 ) . Eliminating the importance of marriage and reduce the belief that marriage is a legal bond .
6 ) . Looking casual sex as a normal and natural behavior

3 . Ruin Porn Intercourse
Those who are infected with pornography addiction , interaction will certainly go ill . Following the damage caused by pornography friendship :
1 ) . Likes outs
2 ) . Speaking not see the other person’s eyes
3 ) . Achievement in school decreased
4 ) . Likes talking slob so shunned friends
5 ) . Behaving slob ( pull strap bra , accidentally nudge with certain body parts , and others )
6 ) . Likes fantasizing about pornography
7 ) . Lot of drinking and a lot of throwing urine
8 ) . Begin doing mild to severe sexual deviations .

Bintang di Surga

So that’s the reason , why I should not know about porn . But what happened to me a little unique , even now I got a scholarship to college when the time was still like to watch a porn movie .
But now there is a new way to avoid it , it is because of Peterpan, a band who accompanied me growing up with all of his prowess from a mysterious lyrics , arrangements are very lightweight making them very comfortable blend of simple as well as to be heard at the same weight . Listen to the album Bintang di Surga you will regret not born in Indonesia. When they changed their name to NOAH characteristic that I have said already represented on the name alone briefly . Pronunciation is light in weight at the beginning and the end , if you do not believe you can simply put it into practice now .
So that’s sedative that can save me from the snare of pornography , but it is actually much more about the different types of music that can save our souls from it.

Hopefully you guys can survive like me

Back to Nature


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