Upset the god level


The word has become a friend of mine for some time , you know I am now beginning my maturity period . All things seem comfortable while ago now beginning to seem boring and started flat for me . From the start of my old symbian phone that I used to be a mainstay in the crucial moments and dull , now it was very tedious . I am now more confused to choose a new cell phone that I can buy rather than affairs lectures and internships . This may occur because the environment around me is pressuring me to do the same thing . Yes , Android and Blackberry plays an important role in this case especially because my phone is really old though my phone for certain affairs is more superior than the other two names . I began to wonder if the cell phone issue is really important or just a glimpse of it for me , which may even be plunged me into a deeper hole . From the beginning I always treat my stuff like friends , family , and girlfriend looking for me but think this is true whether or not I do not know for sure . Indeed, this is perhaps our human nature that I mean we all will always feel less even though it has got everything from money ,good job which later became the greatest enemy of man than the devil though . But no one’s ever told me that the man is the wrong place , if all men are innocent again then God will turn off this life because there was no such thing as life goals .

So if I have to sell my old phone for a new identity through a new mobile phone as a test of my life. Then the same when viewed from my thinking was that I would fling my girlfriend who was getting boring and looking for a new girlfriend who is more beautiful, do you think the same as me.

Is this way of thinking is wrong for a student who is not at all economically stable . Or indeed, this is supposed to be as a person who is still living hand to mouth thinking . All the ones above was derived from a word that is bored and it’s really annoying . As a result I find my hair graying at least one piece of it but it was an early sign that the mind and the mind- was not productive . My friends say that I minded and look more mature than my age who still early twenties and after looking in the mirror in the room had that opinion might be true . And you know what else is true, I hope soon moved from my old house that feels like hell because of the presence of a bitch who makes sultry atmosphere of the house , and when that happens I will invite mom to come with me because I am very fond of her .
I have often wondered why I was not born as such Kira in Death Note . When I had the ability to determine who should live and not so although this does not really tap the world would be better and of course there will be no occupation and war . But maybe God wanted me to be a personal form tough with all the problems that kept bothering me so this is a battle of hearts and the first enemy should I pass is bored .


One thought on “Upset the god level

  1. anyone who has ever experienced, and I’ve been through it a few years ago. Now I’m comfortable with with all that I have achieved


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